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Resorts World on Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is based of the southern mainland coast of Singapore and home to integrated resort ‘Resorts World Sentosa’. The island’s name ‘Sentosa’ translated from Malay, means “peace and tranquility”, formerly housing a British Military base, which was taken over by the Japanese for a prisoner camp during the 1945-72 era.

Sentosa Signage

From 1972 onward, Sentosa had a major turnover after the Japanese army had surrendered; the Island was renamed and became a popular tourist destination in Singapore, seeing up 20 million visitors from the year 2013 onward!

Genting Singapore began to construct Resorts World Sentosa in 2007 on Sentosa Island, with the resort costing $4.93 billion US dollars (SGD: 6.59 billion dollars)! With four themed hotels and a festive shopping mall being completed for launch in 2010.

Resorts World improved through further development and the opening of Resorts World Casino, Maritime Experiential Museum and Marine Life Park (SEA Aquarium & Adventure Cove Waterpark). Through the years, the resort expanded on Sentosa Island with more tourist attractions, accommodation and facilities integrated.

Sentosa Island’s area covers over 4.71 km2 of land. With Resorts World Sentosa

Sentosa walk

occupying more than 49 hectares (120 acres) of space within the island. Visitors can access the island through the main highway by bus or personal vehicles, while those who opt for public transportation can also use the Sentosa Express, a monorail connecting Vivocity Shopping Mall to Sentosa Island’s 3 monorail stations. The island can also be reached on foot, by following a guided pathway from Vivocity via the main bridge connecting to the island.


Genting builds Universal Studios Singapore

In 2006, Singapore declared that the Genting Group company had won the bid of rights to further integrate Universal Studios on Sentosa Island, with 2007 initiating the groundwork and construction of the park. The Genting Group, is a Malaysian headquarted company consisting multiple subsidiaries including Genting Singapore. Their speciality is in the hospitality services and tourism industries around the world. Housing a variety of service products including casinos, hotels, cruises and various entertainment outlets.

Universal Studios Singapore

February to October 2010, viewed the soft opening phase of Universal Studios Singapore, with exclusive sneak peaks before the park rides was operating, with ticket prices were made available at only ten Singapore dollars. Universal Studios Singapore began soft launch park operations from March to October 2010.

The grand opening came prior to the soft launch, with a “grand opening gala” held in the evening of 27th of May 2011, inviting Asian personalities invited along with an estimated 1,600 guests that evening. The following day, the 28th May 2011 was the official full launch of Universal Studios Singapore.


One of a kind theme park in Asia

Being the second Universal Studios in the Asian market, the first being Universal Studios Japan. Universal Studios Singapore has been marketed as a one of a kind theme park in South East Asia, and promises to do so for the next 30 years in Singapore. Universal Studios park’s blueprint of 20 hectares, or 49 acres in land size. The layout centralizes around a small lagoon in the middle of the park, with seven themed zones that are branched out in a circular design from the lagoon; the zones being based on movies, franchises or universal studios/dreamworks intellectual properties.



Themed zones include: Hollywood (entrance zone), New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World from Jursassic Park, Far Far Away from Shrek and Madagascar. All the zones located in the park comprises 24 attractions, with being original to USS or specifically adapted for the theme park. 30 Food restaurants and vendors/carts to keep park goers fuelled through the day; along with 20 retail stores and merchandise carts for guests shopping pleasure.


The next 30 years or soon

Far Far Away land from a distance

Universal Studios Singapore has seen millions of guests each year since its inaugural launch in 2011. The park has seen tremendous support from the Singaporean government with billions invested in maintaining and providing upgrading works to the integrated park on Sentosa Island. However, due to restrictions in space, the park is considered small and has lesser rides/attractions to offer compared to competing theme parks around the world.

On April 2019, a Resorts World Press statement has claimed that Resorts World Sentosa will be embarking on a 4.5 billion Singapore dollar expansion plan. The plan also includes upgrading Universal Studios Singapore’s facilities. The next generation additions includes two new environments or themed zones:

First being “Minion Park” inspired by illumination’s Despicable Me franchise, this new zone is said to be replacing Madagascar land, which would see the demolition of the Madagascar’s two themed rides. Minion Park is said to house an immersive thrilling 3D motion-simulator ride called “Despicable Me Minion Mayhem” that has an unpredictable story-telling algorithm, as riders are placed on a journey through Gru’s laboratory.

Second land would be “Super Nintendo World”, immersing guests into the Nintendo Games World through its characters, world design and adventure. There are no news to be confirmed on what attractions would be built or if it would be replacing any current themed lands. Although it is said to feature highly themed attractions, shops and restaurants in accordance to the Nintendo theme.

The completion of these two lands are yet to be announced. According to a CNA news source, the Resorts World Sentosa expansion would take place in phases, starting from 2020 which would see other attractions and entertainment opportunities being launched in phases from 2020 onward. The entire project would include Universal Studios expansions which is said to be completed by 2025.


Singapore’s prized theme park

With tourism in Singapore contributing around 4-5% of the economy, Resorts World Sentosa being one of the major tourism hot spots for Singapore, having a world-class theme park like Universal Studios is a major asset to the country’s profitability in the tourism industry. Since its debut in 2011, the first 9 months had 2 million visitors, while in January 2017 they managed to welcome over 25 million visitors to the park itself. They also received multiple awards from TripAdvisor, being named the No.1 Amusement Park in Asia for 3 years (2014-2016) in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards. Hence, Universal Studios Singapore is one of the jewels of Singapore.

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