Lotte World Theme Park Review

Lotte’s Most Adventurous Indoors/Outdoors Theme Park in Seoul

Situated in the city of Seoul, is Lotte World Adventure Park and the surrounding Lotte Attractions. This amusement park was founded on July 1989, by the Lotte Corporation which has also owns and operates many other industries both in South Korea and worldwide.

Lotte World holds one of the largest indoor spaces known as a complex life town; housing Lotte’s multiple attractions that includes the Lotte World Adventure indoor theme park, Lotte Aquarium and Lotte World Folk Museum. Supplementary to these parks, there’s a broad spectrum of facilities ranging from department stores, shopping outlets, a Lotte branded hotel, sports facilities and movie theatres, all inside this large indoor complex alone!

Lotte World’s Magic Island and Lotte World Tower | Image Credits | Canva

In extension to the recreational complex, Lotte World is connected to another outdoor theme park called Magic Island, which is a recreated island by the lake with a centre castle and multiple outdoor rides. The island be reached by walking across a bridge or accessed by monorail from the indoor complex.

This has to be one of South Korea’s most ambitious amusement parks, presenting a range of enjoyable facilities from parades, live performances, eateries and rides which follow story lines based on the specific themes in the park, it advertises. Lotte World is featured in the Guinness World Records for the largest indoor theme park in the world in 1995, seeing more than seven million guests on average every year since.


Lotte World and Magic Island is located in the district of Songpa-gu, in Seoul; with the nearest train station being Jamsil. The Lotte World complex life town is hard to miss, as it is situated right under the towering 555-meter skyscraper Lotte World Tower next door. It’s also a 2-hour train ride from Incheon International Airport with multiple transits; and approximately an hour drive by car from the airport.

Exact location: 240 Olympic-ro, Jamsil-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Lotte World Highlights

Lotte’s World Adventure’s: Enter the Indoor World of Fun

Lotte World’s Indoor Complex | Image Credits | Klook | Lotte World 1-Day Pass

Inside the Lotte World complex, there are multiple floors which separates the theme park’s various attractions. There’s a total of four floors labelled: 1F, 2F, 3F and 4F respectively. There’s a wide range of fun, exciting and crazy that suits all types of audiences for this park. Genres from family-friendly rides, dark story-based rides and thrill-seeking fun, everyone is sure to find some type of enjoyment in this world of adventure by Lotte. Mentioning a few highlighted rides are:

  • French Revolution – A high-speed roller coaster with 360-degree loop and sharp turns soaring past buildings, which is sure to get riders adrenaline pumping in this thrilling ride.
  • Pharaoh’s Fury – Follow an Ancient Egyptian storyline on this dark motion-based car ride, as you uncover Pharaoh’s mysteries.
  • Desperados – Interactive 3-D game where you role-play following a sheriff in a western setting, this game attraction is said to be the first in S.Korea!
  • The Adventures of Sinbad – Board a boat and sail into the story of Sinbad’s adventures in this dark ride encountering the characters and beasts of the tale.
  • Balloon Ride – Tour around the indoor part of Lotte World, as you take this balloon ride up high in the air getting great views of the park.
  • Camelot Carousel – An all time childrens and family-favourite, ride along to melodies with 64 white horses on Lotte’s iconic carousel!
  • Jungle Adventure – Hop onto a floating a raft, and take to the jungle’s ranging rapids, an exciting adventure encountering the jungle’s mystic and hidden creatures in this one-of-a-kind indoor river rapids attraction.
  • Fly Venture – Soar into the air on this motion simulator ride, bringing you an immersive digital motion-based experience as you discover Korea’s fantasy worlds.

There’s many more rides and attractions to the above, with Children’s play zones, a variety of arcades and stage performances at the Fairytale Theatre; you are sure to keep exploring and enjoying this aspiring theme park where the attractions are literally built inside the Lotte complex!

Lotte’s Magic Island: Tale of Thrills and Romance Atmosphere

Magic Island | Image Credits | Klook | Songpa L Pass

Part of the Lotte World theme park, the extended outdoor theme park presents a new world theme centering on an island with a magnificent castle in the middle. You can enjoy the open world and its medieval European village theme which creates a fairy-tale like ambiance. The island offers an extension of attractions, from skyscrapping thrill rides to seasonal events like the ‘Cherry Blossom Festival’ that takes place around the surrounding Seokchon lake’s atmosphere, bringing out that romantic liveliness when the trees blossom in pink!

Magic Island continues the same fun entertainment that is brought outside from the indoor theme park, featuring signature attractions like:

  • Atlantis – One of major attractions here at Lotte World, immerse yourselves into Atlantis in this hybrid-like roller coaster that speeds through the world of Atlantis ruins.
  • Gyro Swing – A giant spinning disc that sits 40 people swinging side-to-side like its being blown by the wind in this almost gravity defying ride.
  • The Comet Express – Experience the sights and sounds of flying in a comet through outer space! Board a 360-degree spinning roller coaster and take flight into the future of space travel!
  • Gyro Drop – Said to be the first high-altitude attraction in Korea, conquer this towering ride as you plunge from the sky vertically in this free-falling experience.
  • The haunted house – Step into Korea’s first 3D horror theatre, as you experience a story with the use of 3D glasses that that brings the surprises and scares of this show.
  • Geneva Cruise Lines – Cruise around Seokchon lake and take in the sights and scenery of Korea’s outdoors, enjoying this romantic boat as you soak in the beautiful vistas of the lake.
  • World Monorail – This sky tram allows guests to travel around the entire Lotte World park and discover the attractions from above, in this peaceful and relaxing train ride.

These are just a few highlighted rides, with many more attractions on Magic Island to cover!

Atlantis Ride | Image Credits | Konrad Ziemlewski

In total there’s around 22 rides, parades and shows in Lotte World Adventure, alongside a variety of 17 attractions on Magic Island. This makes up the entire theme park, and their Lotte World park ticket allows you to visit both the indoor Lotte World Adventureland and Magic Island seamlessly throughout the day!

MORE Attractions at Lotte World:

LotteWorld Aquarium: Discover One of South Korea’s Largest Marine Ecosystems

Separate from the Lotte World theme park, is their LotteWorld Aquarium, a fully developed marine life ecosystem that is aquatically holds over 650 species of sea life. Discover the various themed zones based on the 5 oceans of the world, each with its own unique marine animals, that is estimated to be around 55,000 oceanic friends.

Beluga Whale at Lotte World Aquarium | Image Credits | Klook | Klook Lotte World Aquarium Tickets

This is an educational experience not to be missed when at Lotte World, as you can visit Korea’s cleanest water life-support system and their largest inhabitation water tank at a width of 25 meters, that is home to many aquatic life species. Becoming a unique Aquarium attraction in Korea where people can connect to nature’s ocean-life.

Lotte World’s Folk Museum: Exhibition into Korea’s Historical Culture

Another extended attraction to Lotte World, the Lotte World Folk Museum lets guests enjoy a number of historical exhibits of Korea’s culture and past references. Uncovering the country’s rich heritage while providing an educational experience into Korea’s history. With rooms that displays artifacts, miniature models and various exhibition methods, guests can learn about traditional Korean culture, on a variety of different topics like market-places, music, outdoor performances and much more. Discovering a whole new world about Korea’s past though this educational attraction.

Thematic Park’s Opinion

Theme Park Features | Infographic is for illustration purposes only, identifying highlights and does not display actual OR final appearances

What you can expect

Lotte World Adventure has probably the best and biggest indoor amusement area in the whole of South Korea. With an extended outdoor theme park, that adds up to around 50 attractions to play; Lotte World is sure to keep friends, families and everyone entertained for a day.

Gyro Drop ride | Image Credits | Thierry Chabot

Guests visiting can expect a variety at Lotte World, from engaging story-themed rides, carnival-styled attractions, gaming arcades, intense thrills and leisurely kids play areas. Thus, suiting a wide range of audiences from young families to thrill-seeking friends, fulfilling each and everyones entertainment needs! Do highlight that some of the rides/attractions are presented in the Korean language only.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a Folk Museum and fully-fledged Aquarium with hundreds of aquatic animals to see; broadening the scope of amenities ensuring that you will have a full day of fun and excitement at Seoul’s grandest indoor/outdoor amusement park.

However, some guests noted that the theme park can get really crowded with several hours of queuing for tickets, rides and various attractions. This is especially noticeable during peak seasons, like holidays or school breaks where the park can get heavily congested with crowds and long line-ups. Furthermore, even though there’s a wide variety of rides, some may lack in some originality in comparison to other theme park’s rides according to guests.

Visiting Recommendations

Overall, Lotte’s multi-parks amusement world is a great Korean attraction that is in the city of Seoul, which is a very attractive option for a nearby theme park. Additionally, Lotte World being Korea’s largest indoor and outdoor parks, offers plenty of variation, of rides, food and entertainment facilities, that is worth spending more than half a day here. Some guests even claimed the had favourite rides worth visiting again for second rounds.

Entrance to Lotte World’s complex | Image Credits | REDioACTIVE

With many themed lands, exciting and story-driven rides, guests of all ages should find something they enjoy here. Plus most of the ticket prices are quite reasonably priced compared to other theme parks worldwide. Insights on Lotte World’s Magic Pass which allows you enter a priority queue to skip the regular queue, some guests noted that it is only worth purchasing during the peak crowds in order to avoid long queues. While on normal off-peak times/dates guests can find more value with the standard tickets, especially those on a tighter budget when visiting.

Another key highlight of Lotte World’s outdoor park: Magic Island, is to visit during the Cherry Blossom festival (around March to April), where the trees will bloom to pink in season during spring; changing Korea’s natural environment to beautiful pink vistas because of the cherry blossom trees.

Lotte World is probably one of the best thematic amusement attractions in Seoul, inclusive of multiple parks along with a wide selection of rides and facilities. Guests can find great convenience with Lotte World being in the Seoul city area, connected to a nearby public transportation system. Complimented well with many dining, shopping, hotel, sports and entertainment venues for a complete experience that is sure to satisfy visitors needs and wants.

Pricing and Ticket Options

Ticket Price

Here you can find the ticket pricing for your reference to Lotte World and the Lotte World Aquarium. Do note, that the Lotte World theme park includes the indoor and outdoor parks (Magic Island), and the Folk Museum is an add-on for a slightly higher price as mentioned in the table. You can check their official website Lotte World for exact details on pricing.

The Lotte World Aquarium is a separate attraction, thus a separate ticket is required for entrance, from the Lotte World theme park tickets.

However, you can opt for the Klook’s Songpa L Pass, which is an exclusive multi-attractions pass for the Lotte World theme park, Lotte World Aquarium and Seoul Sky. You can view it here at Songpa L Pass on Klook.

1-Day Ticket
59,000 Won52,000 Won47,000 Won15,000 Won
Ticket entry for Lotte World Theme Park + Folk Museum | Price are estimates as of March 2021, $=USD, Won = South Korean Won
After 4PM Ticket
48,000 Won42,000 Won36,000 Won15,000 Won
Ticket entry for Lotte World Theme Park + Folk Museum | Price are estimates as of March 2021, $=USD, Won = South Korean Won
Lotte World Aquarium Ticket
AdultAdult & AdolescentSenior & Child
48,000 Won 33,000 Won29,000 Won
Ticket entry for Lotte World Aquarium Only | Price are estimates as of March 2021, $=USD, Won = South Korean Won

Receive the best value on Klook for ticket prices. View the multiple tickets options available for Lotte World!
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  1. Geoff says:

    This looks like an absolutely fabulous theme park.

    It is certainly not hard to see why it is busy during holiday periods, but that is to be expected and almost part of the excitement.

    I love that you pay once to get in and then everything is free, as this means you aren’t trying to find money all the time, or trying to add up what you have spent and wonder how much more you should spend.

    It looks like a day would never be enough, so I am surprised that they only offer a one day ticket.

    A must visit venue for anyone visiting Seoul.

    1. Joel says:

      Sure is Geoff! Quite an easy park to navigate in terms of finances like you mentioned. Because you just need to pay for the tickets at the entrance and get to enjoy most of Lotte World’s attractions.

  2. Kevin says:

    The Lotte World Theme Park looks like a fantastic theme park! Thanks for the awesome review, Joel! I’m actually doing my best to learn how to speak Korean right now so I can take a trip to South Korea sometime in the future. The Lotte World Theme Park sounds like another place I should add to my place to visit. I noticed you talked about how the Lotte World’s Magic Pass allows people to enter a priority queue. Do you know approximately how much those cost?

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